Nehru Science Center Exhibit

McLean is dedicated to promoting mental health and well-being around the world through education efforts aimed at professionals and the general public. As part of this mission, we have brought Deconstructing Stigma to every inhabited continent.

Following a presentation at a World Health Organization meeting in Delhi, India, the Deconstructing Stigma team was approached by the Dr. N.S. Vahia (NSV) Foundation, a mental health NGO based in Mumbai, to collaborate to develop innovative and engaging campaigns to enhance mental health education throughout India.

Students learn about brain health at the Nehru Science Center in Mumbai

One of the first engagements as part of a multi-year collaboration with NSV was bringing a custom Deconstructing Stigma exhibit to Mumbai. Teaming up with the Nehru Science Centre in Mumbai, Deconstructing Stigma and NSV produced a groundbreaking science exhibit, “Exploring Brain and Mental Health.”

The 180-foot exhibit features larger-than-life photos of volunteers from India who have bravely shared their life experiences living with mental illness.

In addition to Deconstructing Stigma stories, this engaging exhibit helps the audience connect mental health to physical health, including how the foods you ingest can impact your brain. The exhibit also incorporates hands-on opportunities for school-age children to learn about the brain through age-appropriate activities.

This exhibit was built to be mobile, allowing it to travel to other science centers throughout India.