McLean Hospital Exhibits

McLean SouthEast, Middleboro

When McLean Hospital expanded its footprint in Middleboro, Massachusetts, opening three new inpatient programs and a neurotherapeutics clinic at its Oak Street location, the Deconstructing Stigma team worked to install exhibits in each of the programs.

Recognizing that hospitalized individuals benefit from hearing stories of other people who have lived experience with behavioral health challenges, the Deconstructing Stigma team customized designs for each program, ensuring that the work done met the needs of that program’s patient population. Working loosely with the operational leaders of McLean SouthEast, we identified the stories of our volunteers that would most resonate with the patients in each program.

Images of people with text on a wall
Participants Cynthia and Leslie in the halls at McLean SouthEast at Oak Street

Each adult treatment program has lots of open space, offering ample opportunity for the artwork in each program to be displayed for all to see.

The inpatient program for adolescents focuses on treating young people struggling with depression, anxiety, and self-harming behavior. With a goal of enhancing the environment to make the program feel like a place of hope and resiliency, a thoughtfully arranged environment has been created, decorated with patient art and inspirational quotes.

The Deconstructing Stigma exhibit has enhanced the welcoming and uplifting setting with larger-than-life images and snippets of stories from young people who have experienced trauma, depression, anxiety, and eating disorders. This exhibit is intended to inspire and encourage hope for the teens in the program, as well as their families.

With extensive space running through the garden level of the building, the long corridors that lead to the neurotherapeutics clinic were conducive to the larger-than-life and bright imagery of the Deconstructing Stigma campaign.

With multiple stories sharing lived experiences about using electroconvulsive therapy, TMS, and ketamine to treat mental health disorders, the Deconstructing Stigma exhibit within this program is intended to provide support and encouragement to patients and families using these treatment methods to address mental health challenges.

Admissions Building, Belmont

Below the grounds and the buildings of the McLean Hospital campus in Belmont is a winding tunnel system that allows staff, patients, and visitors to traverse from one building to another—especially helpful during inclement weather.

Since the tunnels have so much foot traffic, the hospital has made a concerted effort to decorate the tunnel walls with inspiring, engaging, and hope-filled art.

Images of people along a wall
Deconstructing Stigma in the tunnels at McLean in Belmont

In 2020, working collaboratively with McLean’s administrative leaders and Facilities team, a 100-foot Deconstructing Stigma exhibit was installed. Featuring a diverse group of Deconstructing Stigma volunteers, the McLean Admissions Building installation is a snapshot representation of the individuals and families affected by mental illness that McLean seeks to support, serve, and encourage.