As seen in The Boston Globe, Deconstructing Stigma: A Change in Thought Can Change a Life is more than a series of larger-than-life photographs of people who have been affected by mental illness. As you can see on this website, on the physical installation, or in the accompanying book, each story is told through the eyes of the campaign's participants as they boldly tear down the misconceptions of mental illness. More than just statistics or nameless faces, the volunteers in this project are everyday people—just like you.  

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Alan, 42 "You’ve got to find a way to like yourself. That’s a beginning. I’ve learned an active body builds a calmer mind."
Amy, 56 "I was used to being in control. I was a project manager for some substantial businesses. But you can’t be in control of an infant."
Darryl, 52 "I had everything—I was the King of Rock—we were touring, making money and everyone knew who we were. But I didn’t feel right and not a day passed that I didn’t think about suicide."
Dimple, 29 "It was so much to deal with. It’s been five years and I can’t get myself to read the letter she left. I’m not ready to say goodbye."